Deposits and payment terms:

Recording session bookings including music production, band recording and standard recording sessions are subject to a 50% deposit which will be invoiced prior to the first session to confirm the session date/time.

Payment of the deposit is required immediately to secure the booking and will ensure that no one else books that slot.

The remaining 50% balance will be due 5 days before the session date.

Bookings made within 3 days of the session date will require full payment to secure the booking.

Mixing and mastering services are subject to full payment before any work is carried out.

Podcast production, Voice over and Audio Book recording sessions will require full payment at the time of booking to secure the date/time slot unless a regular weekly, bi-weekly or monthly booking is made, establishing a regular working relationship.

Mastered Audio & File delivery:

Masters and audio files which include project files will be delivered if final payment has been made towards to a session booking or project. Once final payment has been made, the masters including all other audio and project files become property of the person who has paid for the session. This does not include reference MP3’s which may be delivered as and when requested for work in progress.

Cancellation Policy:

While we understand that in certain circumstances clients need to cancel sessions, this however causes a financial inconvenience not only the studio but the engineer too.

Any session(s) cancelled prior the 48 hours period of the start date, the 50% deposit in non refundable. If the session is cancelled within a 48 hour period of the session start date, full payment is non refundable.

Late payments:

Late payments of invoices issued will be subject to a late payment fee of 15% of the invoiced amount after 7 days of the invoice due date and will be added to the invoice at the end of each month.

25% off sessions – Terms and conditions

The 25% off sessions that currently run in the weekend are subject to available slots and specific engineer. These discounted sessions include a competent engineer but do not include services such as music production, mixing & mastering, live band sessions, audio post production, voice over recording, podcast production or party sessions but are perfect for those who wish to record vocals over an instrumental for the purpose of a demo or a mix-tape. Discounted studio sessions are also subject to full payment in advance in order to receive the discount and secure the session.

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