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The process

Music Production | How does it work?


We offer music production at an affordable rate which includes an engineer & producer (typically the same person). Our music production service is perfect for singer-songwriters, rappers and artists looking to create their own original material for releasing commercially. We also offer the same service to those who already have their own compositions but find it challenging to complete the song or project. Sometimes a fresh ear and some additional production are all that’s required to push your song to completion.

The service includes programming, arranging, beat making, music composing, recording vocals, live instruments played if needed as well as all the technical experience to obtain all the sounds and production needed to take a song from its initial idea to finish.

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Have an existing song that needs some additional production?


If you have an existing song idea and can’t seem to take it that step closer step further, then one of our highly skilled engineer/producers will be more than happy to help you co/produce your song with you and under your guidance.

Our Team

Our engineer/producers are also highly skilled musicians and have their own set of credentials. To find out which producer is right for you, check out our Engineers profiles.

If there is an instrument our engineer/producers can’t play, we’ll suggest hiring session players at competitive rates or you are more than welcome to bring your own. We have a pool of session players from drummers, bassists, keyboard players, horn players to string quartets, with session rates starting from £150 per 4-hour session.

Producers fees


A somewhat grey area for many but something that we kike to be totally transparent about. The music production hourly rate does not include a “producers fee” which is usually taken out of an artist advance if signed to a label, management or publishing company.

However, we recognise the budget unsigned artists have to work with and will waive such a fee until the artist is signed and/or  producer’s points can be negotiated if the song is released commercially.


If the producer is involved in the creative writing process ie; composing additional chords or adding substantial changes to the overall sound of the song, then typically he/she becomes a writer of the song and is usually entitled to a percentage of the publishing of the song. Of course, the percentage split will be open to negotiation once the song(s) is completed.

Another grey area for a lot of artists is about what copyright is and who owns it. So first of all, copyright is relating to the ownership of a song or body of work and this includes the audio files and the masters. Although there is no official way to copyright music and is standard practice for the person who pays for the studio time, will own the copyright of the recordings. Another way to solidify this is to send a hard copy of the recordings via recorded delivery back to yourself. More info here at PRS.


Lab Studios LTD will have no copyright entitlement, but those creatively involved (including producers, featured artists and musicians) will need to sign a consent or a musicians release form to allow their involvement in the song to be distributed and released commercially. More info including the consent forms can be obtained from the Musicians Union

What about Copyright?

Our Work

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