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The Process

Close up of Toft ATB mixing console



The mixing stage is all about balancing the elements of your song, getting the drums and bass sounding sonically correct, making sure the vocals are sitting right and the various musical parts are not fighting each other in the mix and the stage where various processing is used such as Eq, compression, reverbs, delays and other effects that make up the sound and sonics of a mix.


We will use various techniques to enhance and bring out the best in your songs which will include (if needed) drum doubling – converting your drum hits to midi and triggering samples to layer your existing drums.


We’ll make sure the bass and other instruments are also well balaced to your liking and we also pay great attention to the detail to every vocal track using Melodyne to tune vocals where needed and making sure all vocal tracks, backing vocals are all aligned.



This is the final stage after mxing and is like putting the icing on the cake which adds the clarity & sparkle including bringing the volume to stand proud against any commercially released song.


Using a combination of EQ, compression and limiting, mastering brings the level and sonics up to the industry standard ready for digital distribution, vinyl & CD duplication.


However, the the key to getting an amazing final master is making sure a the mix is on point. If a mix is on point, mastering is not a complicated task and this is why we always reccomend getting your songs mixed by someone who does this almost every day!

analog VU meters to illustrate mastering

Mixing and Mastering at The Lab Recording Studio London


With so many engineers and studios out there with all the latest technology available and there are so many choices you can make as to who and where you will mix and master your music.


Ultimately the decision you make will be based on a number of factors such as cost, the engineer’s experience, equipment and even down to the feeling you get from walking into a studio facility.


We believe that if you decide to work with us, we will fulfil your expectations and deliver your mastered song/s as you’ve never heard it before. How can we be so sure you ask? Well, you’ll have to book us and find out, but a good place to start is to have a listen to some of our client’s work and reviews from happy clients.

Online Mixing and Mastering


Are you in another country, or can’t get to our facilities in London?


No problem, we can work remotely with you via our Online Mixing and Mastering service.


All you need to do is send us your audio stems via wetransfer, we will mix and master them and send back to you for your approval.

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Our Work

Here is a Spotify playlist of some of the many artists that have recorded, produced and mixed/mastered at The Lab Recording Studio London


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