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The Lab Recording Studio London provides top quality recording services and is the perfect creative space for Singer/Songwriters, Rappers and Musicians, Beat-Makers & DJ’s. Located 15 mins from the center on London in the vibrant area of Clapham, our studio offers affordable rates and includes an engineer/producer to guide you through every step of the recording process.


We have recording services for everyone! Whether you just want to record vocals over a song/beat or you need a creative space to record and complete your songs, we will not only offer guidance for vocal performance takes and achive to get the best out of you as an artist but will also make sure your backing track is sonically amazing so that you’re final song is standing proud against any commercial release.

showing some of the analog compressors we use at The lab recording studio London

With all of our recording services, we take great pride in every stage of the recording process from making sure we are using the right microphone and pre-amps for your voice to processing the final takes using Eq, compression, reverb, delays including using tuning software ensuring your vocals are pitch perfect without comprimising the integrity of the performance. Click here for a full list.


We will also provide a fully mixed and mastered WAV and MP3 for you to take away as a referrence copy or final Master ready to release or share on social platforms. We can even film your vocal takes for creating a music video.


Have a listen to some of the music recorded, mixed and mastered at The Lab Studios


Please note, there is a minimum booking policy of 2 hours for all recording sessions.

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What’s included in your session?

All the latest equipment, software and plugins to record & create fully produced "Release Ready" songs.

Record with confidence with full guidance from our experienced engineers who know how to get the best performance from you.

Editing of vocal and instrument takes, making sure everything sounds industry standard and polished.

Mixing & mastering included in all sessions to get your songs sounding proud against any commercial track and ready for digital release.

Disclaimer: All of the above is achievable within the time you book for your session providing there is enough time is left to complete the tasks to finish the song(s). However, extra time may be required to finish, finalise and master a song if your session is used for recording more vocal takes or other tasks. 


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Looking For another Service?

Standard Recording

Our Standard Recording Service is perfect if you’re a singer, rapper, songwriter or in a band. Record over a backing track and walk away with a finished master or just record your ideas for a demo.

Prices start at £150 – 3 Hr Session (minimum booking) and you can record as many songs as you wish within your booked slot.

Podcast Recording

Have an idea for a Podcast or looking for a regular place to record your existing one? We have the facilities to record a number of guests either at our London Recording Studio or we can facilitate recording guests remotely.

Prices start at £150 for 2 hours for a Single podcast ready to distribute.

Voice Over Recording

Record a Voice Over for your promo film, documentary or advert without the London Soho price tag!

Prices start at £150 for the 1st hour then £75 p/h thereon.

Close up of Toft ATB mixing console

Mixing & mastering

If you’re looking to get you songs on iTunes music, Spotify or any other streaming platform, you need to get your songs professionally mixed & mastered to stand proud against any commercial release.

Prices start at £250 per song for mixing & mastering. If your song is mixed, we can mastering song £45 per song.

Music Production

We provide Music production for all artists, singers, rappers and bands. Whether you need urban style beats, rock/pop/indi or even EDM style production, between our team of producers & engineers, we cover it all!


Prices start at £65 p/h

Live Band Recording

We have been recording bands and live music for 20 years! With our experienced engineers/producers we can help produce high quality live band recording of any genre ready for you to distribute and promote.

Prices start at £250 for 4hrs

Our Work

Here is a Spotify playlist of some of the many artists that have recorded, produced and mixed/mastered at The Lab Recording Studio London

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Tel: +44 (0) 207 622 3332

Job, apprentices or work experience

Unfortunately we do not have any job positions, apprentice positions or work experience placements available at the moment but we wish you all the best in your search.

If you are a school or parent inquiring on behalf of a student that wants a placement, although we cannot provide a work experience placement, we are happy to arrange a visit for a chat and some advice on getting into the music industry.

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