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Voice Over Recording Studio In Clapham, London

We provide the perfect solution for companies that need to record voice for either TV, short films and promos. Situated 15 minutes from Central London you can record broadcast-ready Voice-Over recordings ready to layback to your short film, advert or documentary or company promo video.

Record In Isolation

Our recording room is a completely separate room from the control room and is fully soundproofed and acoustically treated so you can record your voice over in complete isolation not usually achievable with recording studios that are situated in one room or in a home set up and creates a much more professional and controlled sound. 


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Can’t attend the studio session? We’ve Got You Covered!

We can dial in clients, agency producers and directors to give live feedback and direction to the voice-over artist ensuring every word and sentence is exactly how you want it!


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Why Record At The Lab Recording Studio London?


We are conveniently situated 15 mins from London’s West End in the vibrant area of Clapham, South London and our facilities provide a perfect alternative for recording high-end voice overs without the Soho prices.


Our facilities are client-friendly, and the recording room is a fully soundproofed and acoustically treated room that is sperate from the control room, so you can record any voiceover in complete isolation with the highest quality available.

Dial-In Anyone From Around the world!


We can dial clients in while recording is taking place for you to give direction and instant feedback to the voice-over artist ensuring they are delivering each line and sentence exactly how you want it.



What’s Included?


Prices include an engineer, editing, mastering and audio file delivery.

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