Current Studio Equipment List

The Lab has the facilities, tools, resources, engineers/producers and knowledge to take your production from start to finish.


Boasting an impressive collection of modern and vintage recording equipment, The Lab houses some prized audio possessions, giving you a palate of instruments and gadgets to give your sound a standout and distinctive character. Most importantly, the engineers that know how to use all the equipment!

Mixing Console:

TOFT ATB 24 (Designed by Malcolm Toft and based on his design of the Trident Series 80 Console)


Yamaha HS80’s

Computer & Hardware:

Apple Mac Pro 5,1 – 12 Core


RME Fireface UFX USB/Firewire Interface


Logic X


Digital Slate FG-X

iZotope Ozone & RX

Sampler Drum Machines:

Akai MPC2000 – (Available on request)

Native Instruments Maschine

Outboard & Effects:

X 2 TLAudio 5051 Valve processor


Fredenstien Bento 10 500 Series Rack

X2 Golden Age Pre 573 + EQ573

X2 API 512c


Elysia Karakter

X2 Warm Audio WA-76 (1176 compressor)

Warm Audio WA-2A (LA2A Compressor/Limiter)

Roland Space Echo

Binson Echo Rec

DJ Equipment:

Technics 1200’s Mk II X2

Technics DJ Mixer


X1 Neumann TLM103

AKG D112

AKG 414

X3 Shure SM58

X3 Shure SM57

Behringer C2 Pencil Mic Stereo Set

X4 RODE PROCASTER – Podcast Dynamic Mics

Drum Kits:

Sonar Drum Kit

Vintage Olympic 1950’s Blue Sparkle Kit

Vintage Olympic 1970’s Red Sparkle Kit

Vintage Premier 1980’s Kit

Various Snares & Cymbals

Plugins & Software:

WAVES – Diamond Bundle

WAVES – Various other favourites that we’ve collected

Slate Digital – Everything Bundle

Soundtoys – Complete bundle

Native Instruments – Ultimate Bundle

iZotope All bundle

Keyboards Available:

Upright piano

Fender Rhodes Stage 73

Hohner Clavinet D6 (available on request)

Korg Poly 800

Mini Moog (available on request)

Solina String Ensemble

Korg MS20

Korg VC1 Vocoder

Roland Jupiter 4

Vox Jaguar

Oberheim OBXa

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