Pod-Cast & Audio Book Production

We offer a premium Pod-Cast & Audio Book production service which includes voice/speech recording, access to 1000’s of sound effects for creating i-dents and stings, royalty free music for intros and outros, editing, mixing & mastering and encoding to MP3 format ready for iTunes, Audable or any other hosting site.

However, if you already have the audio recorded for your pod-cast already, we can edit, clean up any background noise (within reason), mix / master and encode to MP3.

We have have worked with a number of companies to produce their pod-casts such as Book-Slam’s Sony Award Winning Pod-Cast. Click here to hear an example.

£50 Per Hour / £200 per pod-cast

*please note that there is a minimum charge of £200 per podcast which covers recording, edits, mixing, mastering, encoding to MP3 format and file delivery.