We offer a premium Pod-Cast & Audio Book production service which includes voice/speech recording, access to 1000’s of sound effects for creating i-dents and stings, royalty free music for intros and outros, editing, mixing & mastering and encoding to MP3 format ready for iTunes, Audable or any other hosting site.

However, if you already have the audio recorded for your pod-cast already, we can edit, clean up any background noise (within reason), mix / master and encode to MP3 at a rate of £50 p/h

We have have worked with a number of companies to produce their pod-casts such as Book-Slam’s Sony Award Winning Pod-Cast. Click here to hear an example.



*please note that there is a minimum charge of £200 per podcast which covers recording, edits, mixing, mastering, encoding to MP3 format and file delivery but if you require recording only the cost is £50 per hour with a minimum booking of 2 hours.


We offer a bespoke Audiobook production service to authors and those who wish to publish audio versions of their books on sites such as Audible, iTunes, Amazon and audiobook stores alike.

The cost to record audiobooks is unique to each project but here at The Lab Studios we offer a per finished hour rate of £150 which means that if it takes 5 hours to listen to your audiobook from start to finish the cost will be £750 in total to record, edit and master the final product.

To give you an idea the price is broken down like this; based on a rule of thumb it generally takes 1.5 – 2X the amount of time to read a book when recording and this is considering stop/starts, mistakes and retakes etc. So based on this rule it will take approximately 10 Hours to read 5 hours of material.

X10 hours recording 5 hrs material

X5 Hours editing and mastering

£750 / 15 HOURS (£50 PER HOUR)